One Year of Just Really Good!

I'm currently celebrating one year of being self-employed and running my own business! 🥂⁣ 

I spent the back half of 2019 powering through the monotony of setting things up and convincing people who have no idea what I do to hand over some startup cash, and it worked! I learnt a bunch of new tricks and started taking on clients in January.
Seven months later, I have a thriving, profitable business with a roster of kick-ass independent clients that I am so proud to say have so far collectively achieved: 

Just Really Good - Clients - One Year Spotify Growth Animated Graph


Just Really Good - Clients - One Year Instagram Growth Animated Graph

⬆️  2.5 million Spotify streams ⁣
⬆️  9.1k new Spotify followers⁣
⬆️  5.6k new Instagram followers ⁣

All real fans - engaged, repeat-listening, track-saving, playlist-adding, merch-buying and tuning in to live streams (until real shows are a thing again). The growth is real, and it is spectacular. ⁣

Now I make the rules, set my own schedule, am free to work from wherever I want (well, one day, in a post-corona world), and most importantly, get to choose like-minded artists and management teams to collaborate with. For the first time in almost a decade doing this, I have a roster that is basically the opposite of a straight-white-cis-male-dudefest which is THE ULTIMATE IN EPICNESS, seriously, you should try it.⁣

So happy anniversary to Just Really Good - so named because that’s what I am, the music I want to help release and the people I want to work with. ⁣
Eternal thanks to everyone I've worked with this past year 🖤

Just Really Good | First Year Artist Releases

And to the men along the way who denied me a salary worthy of my talent and experience, the necessities to do my damn job, and well-deserved promotions and pay rises - suck it.

I promoted myself🖕🏼💅🏼