☟ Testimonials ☟

"Where the fuck would I be without you. You always go above and beyond what is expected, and you fucking kill it at that. Having you working with us again has been the greatest gift. I have so much trust and faith in you because I know that what you do, you do with excellence. That is rare. Thanks for being supportive on the receiving end of my frantic texts. Thanks for helping me to get my shit together. Thanks for believing in me and BR. I just cannot say enough. I love you so much, I am fucking proud of you. Keep doing amazing things.⁣"

Chrisy Hurn ✖️ Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter ✖️ Basement Revolver

"As an independent artist, the role that Jo plays on my team is crucial. It’s rare to work with someone so talented at both the creative side of marketing as well as the execution. My management and I feel we are in great hands when Jo is on a release campaign."

Ria Mae ✖️ Pop Artist/Songwriter

"Jo went above and beyond for my debut EP release. From the get-go, Jo was passionate about the project and took the time to listen to what I wanted to do and to understand the type of artist I aspire to be. Jo tailored her services to my specific needs and steered me in the right direction whenever I needed guidance.

Jo is not only great at what she does, but she is also a wonderful person, and a fearless advocate for artists. As an independent artist, I’m thankful for her support, her wealth of industry knowledge, and most importantly her encouragement. I’m so glad to have worked with Jo on this project, and couldn’t have done it all without her.

I can’t wait to continue working with her in the future!"

Cassie Dasilva ✖️ Pop Artist/Songwriter

"Hardworking, passionate and someone who is always a few steps ahead of the industry; Jo goes above and beyond for her clients. In my four months working with her on an EP release she was a powerhouse behind the scenes, and always so organized and kind in all of our correspondence. I feel so grateful and lucky to have gotten to work with her on something I care so much about."

Andrea Shipka ✖️ Singer/Songwriter ✖️ mightberea

"Truly one of the best moves we’ve made in our career so far. Jo is a digital wizard. Her passion and knowledge of all things music and marketing make her extremely fun to work with. And seeing actual results and growth on our socials and streaming has been incredible! It’s exciting to know that folks like Jo are taking their years of experience working with major labels, as well as their commitment to art, and making themselves accessible to bands like us. You’re the best Jo!"

Jackie Mohr ✖️ Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter ✖️ jackie

"Truly, Jo is the best, I can’t praise Just Really Good enough! She’s been an integral part of my debut EP release, strengthening my presence online and has been there every step of the way, going above and beyond. She’s a master in digital marketing and an amazing human being to boot. Through Jo’s customized strategies, I’ve been able to reach thousands of new fans and markets in an organic and genuine way and literally build my fanbase from the ground up. Jo has taught me a wealth of things I never knew that pretty much changed my career, and I think all artists could greatly benefit from working with Just Really Good. Jo is amazing and really cares about the tunes and the artists first and foremost!"

Loviet ✖️ Pop/Rock Artist/Songwriter

"Working with Jo Lukis at Just Really Good has been one of the best experiences I've had in the music industry, and by far the best, most effective work I've seen in terms of marketing and advertising. Jo is professional, organized, creative, thoughtful, and honest on every level. I have so enjoyed working with and learning from her. Jo is a reliable and important team member, and I look forward to having her as a part of my team for as long as she'll keep saying yes to my crazy projects!!"

T. Thomason Logo (Just Really Good Client)
T. Thomason ✖️ Pop Artist/Songwriter

"I worked with Jo at Dine Alone Records and was immediately impressed by her marketing prowess. She has a strong knowledge of the best practices to use for all things marketing and that is key to starting your project off on the right foot. Additionally, Jo is well-loved by artists and colleagues alike. You can trust Jo to navigate industry and artist relationships with skill, tact, and creativity. Simply put, Jo is one of the good ones!"

Dine Alone Records Logo | Just Really Good Music Marketing by Jo Lukis
Andrew Roach ✖️ Former General Manager ✖️ Dine Alone Records

"I first met Jo when we worked together on an artist signed to Sony Music. Jo was our marketing manager and it was our first experience working with a major record label. The attention to detail, dedication, and enthusiasm that Jo showed towards the project and her work in general was nothing short of amazing. So the thought that she would one day come and work for us at Macro seemed very far-fetched. However, that was exactly what happened and over the two years that she was with us, Jo’s incredible knowledge, skills, and general good vibes made us enormously proud to have her as part of our team. We miss her dearly and heartily endorse her new business. A++++++" 

Rowan Robinson ✖️ Co-Director ✖️ Macro Music Management

"I worked with Jo professionally for over five years, across a number of projects. Her attention to detail, incredible passion and enthusiasm across a wide range of different artists is pretty unrivalled in my experience. One of the most important things that sets Jo apart from many people in similar roles is a genuine connection with the artist. Of the numerous successful campaigns we worked together, the feedback I always received from management and artist alike, was that Jo would genuinely immerse herself into the world of the artist, listening to them carefully, and making sure that the rest of the team around any release had the artists’ vision and creative at the very forefront. In my 20 years of experience in the business, it’s this quality that really sets Jo apart."

Sony Music Logo | Just Really Good Music Marketing by Jo Lukis
Paul Harris ✖️ Former Senior Director A&R ✖️ Head of Associated Labels ✖️ Sony Music Australia